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Mark J. Bunim, Esq
Case Closure, LLC.
250 Park Avenue
7th Floor
New York, NY 10177


  • Mediated multi-million-dollar partnership dispute arising out of a commercial buy-out agreement
  • Mediated allocation disputes of commercial enterprises arising out of the passing away of a principal shareholder
  • Mediated corporate dissolution dispute where issues involved EBITDA and valuation
  • Mediated family-owned real estate business shareholder and estate dispute
  • Mediated advertising agency partnership dissolution
  • Mediated claim by former employee against pharmaceutical company regarding buyout/ ownership of intellectual property
  • Mediated environmental malpractice claim against engineering company
  • Mediated partnership breakup in the technology industry
  • Mediated land contamination case against co-op building
  • Mediated claim against former directors and officers of an internet company by creditors of that company, for negligent management practices.
  • Mediated dispute between one of the nation’s largest internet service providers and a large business customer concerning alleged breach of contractual terms for the speed of internet service and private cloud storage capacity issues.
  • Mediated claim by secured trade lender against former customer for misrepresentation of assets.
  • Mediated claim by purchases of a business against sellers/employees for misrepresentation and over-evaluation.
  • Mediated claim by purchasers of an office complex against sellers, regarding the viability of tenant leases.
  • Mediated a claim by a web-based program “reseller-licensee” against licensor regarding compliance with contractual terms involving quotas.
  • Mediated a Class Action shareholder suit involving a stock buy-back undervaluation claim.
  • Mediated a multi-million dollar dispute between executors of an estate where the deceased left stock to be distributed to charities and the co-executors disagreed as to which charities would be recipients.
  • Mediated an accountant liability claim arising out of undetected defalcations.
  • Mediated Seller/Buyer commercial real estate disputes.
  • Mediated multiple business dissolution cases among family members and related partnership disputes.
  • Mediated law firm, accounting firm and other professional entity dissolutions.
  • Mediated estate and trust matters involving beneficiary claims.
  • Mediated an accountant liability claim involving allegations of negligent preparation of financial statements and projections.
  • Mediated a claim against a financial advisor resulting from the recommendation of faulty investments.
  • Mediated an equipment suitability dispute between a manufacturer, distributor and end-user.
  • Mediated sibling dispute concerning care of parents and sibling financial dealings.
  • Mediated commercial construction professional engineering malpractice claim.
  • Mediated a software company/licensee dispute.
  • Mediated financial sector software contract dispute.
  • Mediated international textile merchandise industry agent/principal dispute.
  • Arbitrated construction dispute between owner and contractor involving delays, defects and claims of contractual non-compliance.
  • Arbitrated fee payment disputes between a litigation expert team and retaining companies.
  • Arbitrated dispute between two competitors over domestic and international retail products’ rights and customer exclusivity.
  • Arbitrated a dispute between brothers over dissolution of a family group of businesses.
  • Arbitrated consumer civil right complaint against a finance company.
  • Arbitrated employee claims of harassment against a former employer.
  • Arbitrated law firm fee disputes [ with malpractice counterclaims].
  • Arbitrated franchise termination dispute.
  • Arbitrated Federal Communications Law dispute.
  • Arbitrated claims regarding control of multi-million dollar family-owned business
  • Arbitrated Data-breach case
  • Arbitrated private club world-wide company dispute with outside financial service company
  • Arbitrated breach of fiduciary duty claim against a financial advisory firm
  • Arbitrated computer software dispute in terms of compliance with contractual specifications
  • Arbitrated multiple disputes between policyholders and insurers arising out of claims of failure to obtain consent to retain counsel and to settle.