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Mark J. Bunim, Esq
Case Closure, LLC.
250 Park Avenue
7th Floor
New York, NY 10177


  • Mediated broker/dealer insurance coverage dispute
  • Mediated multi-million dollar insurance brokerage ownership dispute
  • Mediated directors and officers coverage dispute involving a Federal Grand Jury Investigation against a prominent company
  • Mediated employment coverage disputes between insurer and securites brokerage company.
  • Mediated insurance coverage under an Admiralty policy for lost goods in China.
  • Mediated title insurance coverage dispute involving New York City commercial property.
  • Mediated legal malpractice claims involving land purchase agreement.
  • Mediated an insurance coverage dispute arising out of a property damage loss in lower Manhattan, to a significant commercial property, resulting from the collapse of the World Trade Center.
  • Mediated a multi-million dollar dispute between a primary insurer and excess layers and reinsurers of excess layers, both domestic and foreign, as to percentage allocation of loss for foreign-based multiple explosions.
  • Mediated a denial of disability benefits to the senior partner of a large national law firm.
  • Mediated a long term disability claim by a Wall Street trader who claimed permanent disabling injuries.
  • Mediated numerous life insurance claim denials where the insurer was claiming misrepresentation in the application process.
  • Mediated a dispute between many layers of competing insurers as to which policies were responsible for a large personal injury loss.
  • Mediated resolution of an insurance coverage dispute for a restaurant/bar’s liability for personal injuries, including permanent paraplegic injury, involving use of a structured settlement.
  • Mediated property damage claims involving condos and private residences.
  • Mediated a construction accident group of cases involving injured workers and various contractor/ sub-contractor allocation issues.
  • Mediated an insurance coverage dispute between the officers of an auto warranty business and their D&O insurer involving coverage for a shareholder suit.
  • Mediated professional liability coverage matters.
  • Mediated life insurance benefit allocation coverage cases.
  • Mediated environmental policy coverage dispute involving land and water pollution.
  • Mediated commercial property fire damage loss disputes.
  • Mediated New Jersey School District contractual dispute with former official.
  • Mediated coverage dispute on an advertising injury claim.
  • Mediated Directors and Officers coverage disputes involving Hedge Funds and Private Equity entities.
  • Mediated dispute between insurer and TPA over administration of a nationwide program.
  • Mediated numerous legal malpractice matters.
  • Arbitrated multiple insurance program premium reimbursement disputes.
  • Arbitrated group insurance program cancellation involving large manufacturing company and insurer and State Insurance Department.
  • Arbitrated dispute between insured and multiple insurers over the applicability of triggering conditions and exclusions in a manuscript business interruption/ supply chain policy.
  • Arbitrated dispute between co-insurers over responsibility for payment of loss.
  • Arbitrated dispute between insurer and broker concerning alleged misrepresentations in the scope of risk.
  • Arbitrated dispute between primary and excess insurer over excess carrier’s coverage defenses.
  • Arbitrated legal malpractice and accountants malpractice matters.
  • Arbitrated a physicians group reimbursement claim against an insurer.
  • Arbitrated dispute between health insurer and agent over alleged marketing misrepresentation scheme.
  • Arbitrated maritime dispute between insurer and agent regarding alleged misrepresentation of risk.
  • Arbitrated dispute between nursing homes and insurer regarding premium reimbursements
  • Arbitrated Property-Casualty Insurance Company/ MGA, business divorce.
  • Arbitrated multi-million dollar D&O coverage dispute between insured and primary  and excess insurers
  • Arbitrated general contractor/ insurer coverage dispute arising from NYC commercial office tower construction project
  • Arbitrated International Credit Insurance claim
  • Arbitrated multiple Rep. and Warranty insurance coverage claims, including claims for bad faith
  • Arbitrated dispute between senior living provider and property management company regarding insurance coverage
  • Arbitrated multiple disputes between policyholders and insurers arising out of claims of failure to obtain consent to retain counsel and to settle.